FHC Faculty and/or Student Research Fellowships

FHC Faculty and/or Student Research Fellowships

Furman FHC Faculty and Student Research Fellowships fund faculty, student, and collaborative faculty-student research projects and creative activities in the humanities and the arts.

Such projects and activities include but are not limited to the following:
(co-)authoring essays, conducting archival research, (co-)translating primary texts for publication, hosting public colloquia or seminars, and (collaborating on) public and mediated humanities and arts projects.

Fellowships typically support problem-focused research in the humanities and original creative projects in the arts that are likely to have broad impacts in their fields and beyond.

Awards will be granted to projects led by individual arts and humanities faculty or majors or interdisciplinary teams that include at least one faculty member or student from an arts or humanities discipline.

Awards may cover the cost of materials (except for hardware, usually including software subscriptions and books), expenses related to production or publication, and travel to conferences or other sites of presentation (after exhausting traditional university travel funding, and/or when traveling with students).

Fellows may be asked to share works-in-progress briefings with one another and the university if not the wider public.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until funds have been exhausted, not to exceed $5000 per recipient over three years. The application should speak to the points above (type of research or creative activity, how the project addresses a specific problem and impacts other fields/publics, participants, and itemized budget categories).

Submitters should budget responsibly and be advised that additional funding on a given project is not likely to be granted.

Projects will be shared on the Furman Humanities Center website, with recipients responsible for creating significant content for sharing at the completion of the project (typically the end of the semester in which the work was accomplished).

Recipients will be required to provide documentation stipulating how the fellowship funding was used and to what ends. Awardees will be asked to report such details at the close of the award year.